Unicorn Horn Shape Cookie Cutter + Detail Cutters (4 sizes)

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Unicorn Horn Shape Cookie Cutters + Unicorn Horn Detail Cutters. PLA+ 3D Printed.

Creating these awesome 3D printed cookie cutters to make shaped cookies. Please note, these are sold separately, either as the cutter shape or the cutter with details.

Unicorn Horn Large Shape / Detail Cutter - Wall of cutter is approx. 61mm across and 149mm in height

Unicorn Horn Medium Shape / Detail Cutter - Wall of cutter is approx. 44mm across and 107mm in height

Unicorn Horn Small Shape / Detail Cutter - Wall of cutter is approx. 33mm across and 80mm in height

Unicorn Horn Mini Shape / Detail Cutter - Wall of cutter is approx. 25mm across and 59mm in height


The unicorn horn shape is great for cutting cookies and the cutter with the detail is perfect for using with fondant. Also great for using to add details to your cakes!

These are perfect for cutting your cookies in different shapes making them different to the normal. Look amazing paired up with different stamp designs and look incredible mixed and match with different shapes! Great for cookie gifts, grazing tables/boxes or a great gift of cutters to a cookie enthusiast!

Please note: This is a listing for a cookie cutter only, designs with stamps are just for pics of examples. Plus cookie cutter PLA colour can vary each time.

For a cookie recipe that is great for these designs and care instructions plus some tips - check here


(Please note - whilst everything is cut and or printed and sent as soon as possible - as everything is cut and or printed upon ordering - generally a lead time of 2 to 4 days is applicable depending on current order volume)

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