Acrylic Embossing Cookie Stamp Care + Tips

Thanks for purchase an awesome choice of acrylic stamp! How cool are they!?! Here are some care instructions, a cookie recipe and tips so you can keep using them for a long time to come.

Acrylic Fondant Embossing Cookie Stamps -

- Acrylic stamps are designed for fondant or gumpaste, although they have also been widely used on cookies themselves, soap and even clay!

A good tip when making fondant cookies, is to make sure your fondant or gumpaste isn’t sticky when you use the stamps. You want to be able to smooth your palm over and feel it is what you would say is 'dry' - after rolling your fondant leave for two or three minutes before stamping and should stamp fine without any stickiness. Then use water or sugar glue to stick your fondant to your cookie. can use a little on the fondant and also on the cookie if you wish.

Remember practice makes perfect and there's no right or wrong way - whatever works for you is perfect!

Due to some of the designs having thinner areas, don’t be too forceful with your stamping - they only require a small push to get the embossed pattern.

They are designed to just be lightly wiped for cleaning, not submerged in water. So a soft damp cloth will do the trick! Just be careful with your wiping if your design has thinner/smaller design elements in the stamp. NOT dishwasher safe.

If you do get fondant stuck in them, best to find a small knife or something similar or a pin to just very carefully pick the little bits out and will be good to go again.

Store them in a dry place.

3D Printed Cookie Cutters -

The 3D printed cookie cutters are made from PLA+, safe for cookie cutter use and environmentally friendly. It is however recommended you avoid moisture remaining on them and making sure they are cleaned when using with cookie dough. The way you can do this is having a soft bristle toothbrush and giving a light scrub with tepid water and drying with a soft cloth. DO NOT put in the dishwasher. Store in a dry place.

Another tip is you can use glad wrap / cling film over your dough and then cut with the cookie cutter.

Tips with using 3D printed cookie cutters - as they will never quite achieve the clean cut of a metal cutter, they still do an awesome job and a trick is when you press down to cut, once pushed down, give it a little gentle wiggle around to make the cut a little cleaner. If the edges of the cookie dough or fondant need a little cleaning up - either smooth with your finger or cut any excess off with a sharp knife.

Tip with using the larger stamps and cutters - if you struggle to pick up the fondant once rolled out and stamped and cut, instead you can roll out your fondant, cut with your cookie cutter shape - then add some water/sugar glue to your fondant and cookie and smooth onto your cookie - you can then stamp the fondant when it's on the cookie instead.

Raised (Reverse) Acrylic Cookie Stamps -

These are a little trickier but the effort is so worth it. A little different to use than that of the embossers. A little more work and can take longer than embossers but the detail you can get is amazing!

They do look amazing mixed with the embossed designs. Simply roll your fondant to around 3mm thick - just so there is enough fondant to go into your design. Let the fondant 'dry' a little (see above with the embossers tip) - press the raised stamp onto the fondant and add some good pressure to get a nice even design. You can use a rolling pin to roll over or press down if you prefer. Also you can use some cornflour on the stamp and a little over the fondant that will help if you are getting stickiness. If you have remaining cornflour over your design, use a soft brush to simply brush off. Then cut in your preferred shape.

Designs with thicker details do have a rougher surface finish to the finished fondant design just due to the process of creating them - but completely adds to their uniqueness.

Tip - paint your raised designs to make them really stand out! 

These stamps can be washed and cleaned like normal in warm soapy water. DO NOT put in the dishwasher as depending on heat in your dishwasher, can warp acrylic. I recommend you put NO acrylic products in the dishwasher and always hand wash with tepid or warm water. Store in a dry place.

 Cookie Recipe - 

This is a great vanilla cookie recipe, which of course you could flavour with something other than vanilla if you wish. It cooks perfectly, no spread and a perfect pale colour for fondant cookies! Have fun!