Tools Layered Cake Charms

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Tools Layered Cake Charms

These are perfect for placing on the front, side, bottom, top or any tier of your cake. Easier to place as they are layered and no fear of breaking. Can be re used over and over. Perfect for number and letter template cakes!

Colours may be slightly different than seen on screen depending on monitor settings. 

Quality laser cut cake charm. All designed and laser cut in house by Design at 409.

Size -

Layered Hammer - 48mm across x 84mm in height

Layered Spanner - 31mm across x 84mm in height

Layered Screwdriver - 22mm across x 90mm in height

Layered Drill- 82mm across x 68mm in height

Layered Saw Blade  - 77mm across x 77mm in height

Layered Tape Measure  - 92mm across x 63mm in height


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