Dandelion Set Acrylic Stencil Stamps

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Set Of Two - Dandelion + Palm Leaf Half Border Stencil Stamps. Come as a set of two pictured.

Acrylic Stencil Stamps by Design at 409!

These are perfect for cookies and cupcakes and can also be used on cakes etc. in creative ways. Can use with fondant, your spray gun, cocoa powder, icing sugar, sanding sugar - use sprinkles in the shapes, sprinkle over your milk on your coffee, use with icing sugar on your brownies or biscuits, an awesome alternative to raised fondant stamps also. Just push down on your fondant a little or a lot depending how much pop you would like from the pattern. Lots of uses for your imagination!

Each stencil stamp is clear lightweight acrylic - they are 80mm in diameter with a little tab to help lift the stencil stamp - and wording size, silhouettes etc. will depend on the design of the stencil stamp. Suits around 65mm and up sized cookies etc depending on designs.

Stencil Stamps © of Design at 409 and all designed by Design at 409 with the brilliant design of being clear so you can see exactly where you are stamping.

(Please note - whilst everything is cut and sent as soon as possible - as everything is cut upon ordering - generally a lead time of 2 to 7 days is applicable depending on current order volume) 

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