Acrylic 11" Shaped Template

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11" Individual Acrylic Shaped Templates. Can be cut in available colours and shapes in the drop down options.

Quality laser cut acrylic templates. All designed and laser cut in house by Design at 409. Clear or White or fluro pink translucent acrylic.

Designed with every skill level cake/cookie maker in mind, aiding you in getting those numbers and letters or shapes straight when making cookie cakes, sheet cakes and great for using to guide to cut around to make these shapes. Quality acrylic that can also be used like a ganache board if ganaching your shape cake. Designed with sizes etched on each template for easily identifying each size. All made with 3mm acrylic to keep them sturdy when using and handling.

Sizing - 11" - Some are measured 11" across whilst others are measured as 11" tall, just to keep them in proportion.

Measurements - Star + Open Star 11" ACROSS / Heart + Open Heart 11" ACROSS / Hex + Open Hex 11" TALL / Cross + Open Cross 11" TALL & ACROSS / Arch + Open Arch 11" TALL Tall Arch + Open Tall Arch 11" TALL / Half Circle + Open Half Circle 11" TALL / Open Circle 11" TALL & ACROSS / Flower 11" ACROSS / Scallop 11" TALL & ACROSS / Wave 11" TALL


(Please note - whilst everything is cut and sent as soon as possible - as everything is cut upon ordering - generally a lead time of 2 to 7 days is applicable depending on current order volume)

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