4 Scallop/Inverted Scallop Acrylic Scraper/Contour Set of 4 or Individual

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4 Different Scallop + Inverted Scallop Acrylic Scraper/Contour Set of 4 or buy individually.

Clear Acrylic Contour Combs for getting those awesome patterns and stripes! Bonus of having a pattern on one side and straight for smoothing/scraping on the other side!

Can be used with ganache or buttercream. Double sided, so you can just flip over to use the smooth or patterned side.

Quality Clear Acrylic Set of 4 - 2 different sized scallop + 2 different sized inverted scallop. Or buy Individual in the drop down menu.

Heights -

- Small Scallop - 207mm H
- Large Scallop - 196mm H
- Small Inverted Scallop - 207mm H
- Large Inverted Scallop - 196mm H

Thinner than what is currently on the market and thats where the difference comes in! - Much easier and lighter to use and handle.

You will gain much smoother edges and find them much more effective than thicker acrylic versions.

Proudly made right here in NZ.


(Please note - whilst everything is cut and sent as soon as possible - as everything is cut upon ordering - generally a lead time of 2 to 7 days is applicable depending on current order volume)

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