Baby With Boy / Girl Stamp & Cutter Set

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Three In One! Baby Acrylic Embossing Stamp + Boy & Girl Stamp - comes with shaped cutter! See pics for ideas!

The Original NZ Acrylic fondant + gum paste embosser stamps by Design at 409! Amazing quality and smooth acrylic, making them so much easier to stamp. With the bonus of working with someone rad to create a 3D printed cookie cutter to match with each stamp.

Baby Stamp - Graphics are approx. 84mm across and 72mm in height. 

3D Printed Cutter - Wall of cutter is approx. 101mm across and 94mm in height.

Boy Stamp - Graphics are approx. 40mm across and 17mm in height.

Girl Stamp - Graphics are approx. 42mm across and 16mm in height. 


These are perfect for cookies and can also be used on cakes etc. in creative ways. The make great cake toppers to! If they are larger designs, they definitely make an awesome centre cookie!  These shaped cookies are perfect for adding to grazing/candy boxes, perfect as a one cookie gift to share with a loved one or look amazing with the other shaped designs and the round cookies to!

For a cookie recipe that is great for these designs and care instructions plus some tips - check here


Stamps © of Design at 409 (Please DO NOT ask others to recreate these designs) and all designed by Design at 409 with the brilliant design of being clear so you can see exactly where you are stamping.

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