🔥*Sale!* Mini Glitter + Pastel Scrapers (2 Sizes Glitter / 3 Sizes Pastel)

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New Mini Glitter + Pastel Acrylic Scrapers! Who says your scrapers can't be cool!? Not me!

These too cool for school translucent glitter + pastel colours are not only amazing to look at (I could stare at their glittery and pretty pastle-ness goodness all day!) - they are perfect for all those times you need a smaller scraper for those little jobs.

2 sizes in the most amazing translucent glitter + pastel colours!

Sized small for those small jobs when ganaching and butter creaming - also squared off from the rounded sides so you can also flip around and use the squared side as an even smaller scraper.

Quality Glittery + Pastel Fun Acrylic -

- Mini Scraper - 80mm height x 55mm across
- Small Scraper - 100mm height x 55mm across

- Medium Scraper - 120mm height x 60mm across


Proudly developed, designed, tested and laser cut by a caker/baker (me!) for cakers & bakers - made right here in NZ.


(Please note - whilst everything is cut and sent as soon as possible - as everything is cut upon ordering - generally a lead time of 2 to 7 days is applicable depending on current order volume)

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